The Challenge:

Using the supplied kit of materials including PVC pipe, aluminum, plywood, fiberglass, and structural foam, build a vehicle that can score 8" and 24" rubber balls into a goal. The vehicle can be powered by any of the included power sources including two 12volt Milwaukee drill motors, four Delco car seat motors, and two Textron Pneumatic pumps. It is to be controlled by a customized remote control system built by Motorola . The vehicle can weigh no more than 120 pounds and must fit inside a 36" cube. You have 7 weeks to complete the project and take it to competition.

The carpeted playing field measures 43' across. There are 12 8" balls and 2 24" balls per team. The 8" balls are worth 3pts inside the goal and the 24" balls are worth 10pts inside the goal and 5pts on the triangle portion of the goal at the end of each match. In case of a tie, the team whose large ball is highest in the goal wins. There are 3 players on the field at a time, playing 2 minute matches in a double elimination tournament. A single human player per team is allowed to sit in the player station around the playing field. The player can throw balls into the goal as long as they throw it over the bar in front of the player station and as long as the player does not enter the playing field.

The Challenger:

RIT partnered with Harris RF Communications, and Edison Technical HS to form the Tigerbolt Team. The logo was formed from the tiger which is the RIT mascot, and the lightning bolt which is part of Edison Tech's logo. The full team met twice a week, while smaller sub-teams met more often in order to complete the many tasks necessary to build a winning team.