One of the many things I've become involved with while here at RIT is the Robert F. Panara theater located here on the RIT campus at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf. It is the nicest theater I have ever had the opportunity to work at. You can find a photo below:

I recently became co-webmaster for the departments webpage and have updated it to include this years performance season. I highly encourage you to come see the shows, they are very well done, at a near professional level in every aspect.


NTID Performing Arts Webpage


A common misconception people make about the theater is "if you don't know American Sign Language you can't go to the shows." The theater employs various communcation methods in every show or presentation it puts on in order to entertain everyone. Theatrical productions are usually performed in American Sign Language and then voiced over by voice actors (1 per character on stage), so when you watch the show you don't notice the difference. Guest speakers and other special presentations are always interpreted into voice or sign language depending on what mode of communication the speaker is using and are also usually live captioned on a screen behind the speaker. One interesting Deaf speaker who visited last year was Vint Cerf who works fairly high up (can't remember his title) at MCI Communications and is known as the "father of the internet" because he invented the TCP/IP protocol that is used for all internet communications.


This season should be really exciting so I encourage you to check out the above website and to come see a show. If you have any questions you can e-mail me or go to the webpage above and e-mail the dept directly, either of us will be happy to answer your questions.