Throughout highschool I did desktop publishing for a variety of school organizations and functions. I considered it fun, and often if money was involved it just got in the way.

When it came time to choose a major I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. When I visited RIT for printing the emphasis was all on running the presses and I wasn't that interested in that portion. I entered RIT as an Undeclared Engineer. For the first quarter I was not happy at all, so the next quarter I decided to take a printing class in addition to what I was supposed to be taking. By third quarter I had made the switch and was happy with my choice.

I found out there was a lot more than running the press's and you could choose to concentrate on whatever portion interested you most. The first two years were set, but the last two years were completely open to pick the courses that I wanted to take.

I had originally planned to concentrate on Typography and Design but I have become interested in other areas such as Digital On-Demand printing, Hexachrome 6-color Hi-fi printing, and recently bindry operations.