When you need a computer to get stuff done, Get a Macintosh!

At home I currently run a Powermac G4/450 with 256meg of RAM and 27gig HD along with the internal DVD-RAM drive. I use the Apple 21" Studio display, Microsoft Natural Keyboard and Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer mouse. I also have a Epson Stylus Photo EX Printer and 6X4X24 CD-R/RW drive.

At work I have a Powermac G4/500 in a similar configuration with dual Apple 17" monitors for working on webpages. My coop students have a G4/450 with 17" display, and a Epson Stylus Photo 1280 printer. I am also running a pair of G4/450 Cubes, one is running Filemaker Pro Unlimited and the other is running Webten and Lasso Web Data Engine, which combined give a great dynamic webpage serving solution.