Closet Shelf Extension

Photo of Marks closet shelf extension:

Diagram of Marks closet shelf extension:


This is something very common in rooms with closet units positioned like the diagram above. The square rooms have the closets facing the wrong way for this.

Basically it is constructed out of 2'X4"'s in a ladder type arrangment as shown in the diagram above. Often some sort of plywood top is used to keep things from falling through. A word of caution, make sure your shelf is as long as possible for added support. If it is to long you won't be able to get it up there, but if it is to short and you put to much on it, it can cause bowing in the shelf. Some people even brace the shelf by putting a verticle support from their dresser up to the shelf.

These shelves are used for anything from extra storage to speaker mounting, to a place for your entertainment center. Last year we put our TV on the shelf along with our amp, vcr, and cable box. This was an easily viewable location from wherever you happened to be in the room.