The supplied contents of an average RIT dorm room are not much - a bed, dresser, built in closet, desk, bookshelf, and waste basket for each person. This along with a well worn low pile carpet, marshmallow colored walls, and an eggshell colored ceiling leaves a lot of room for improvement.

One thing obvious from the start is the complete lack of space, the rooms are approximately the size of a room you may have had at home, only now you have a roommate to share it with. There are two basic room shapes depending on the location of the room within the building. Our room is about 9' wide and around 17' long. The other rooms are more square with approximate dimensions of 10' deep and 12-14' wide. These dimensions are approximate, the best way to plan is to actually go measure your room as there is some variation.

Update: This was our room for 5 quarters straight, as of winter quarter 1997, we moved to an apartment. Apartment living provides for more space which is nice, but no Ethernet!! :-( I'll be cooping this year and will be moving into Perkins Green apartments in the fall with two new roommates, Debbie Patkin and Sarah Jerger. After we move in and get situated, I hope to produce an "Apartment Engineering" section of my website, so stay tuned!


If you have any questions along the way or would like to see our room in real life, e-mail me at