My Roommate's Loft

Photo of Dennis's bed/desk:


Diagram of the desk:


We had to place a special request to get a second set of bunk beds to accomplish this project. Our house manager was tremendously helpful in this area.

The Melanite is basically 3/4" plywood with a countertop like material covering both sides. It is sold in 4'X8' sheets for about $30 at most hardward stores. We had it cut at the store to fit, each bed was a different size. The bed was 3' deep, leaving a nice 1' wide piece which we used for our entertainment center.

The final height of the bed leaves the mattress's about 74" above the floor. For this reason we went out and bought a 5' aluminum ladder to assist us in climbing into bed.

Certain dorms already contain lofts, and following the rennovations of the dorms all rooms will contain lofts. But for now this solution is being tolerated by residence life.